Workshop Papers

Paper Submission:
       March 10, 2021
Submission Length: 3-10 pages (incl. refs)
Notification Date:
April 7, 2021
April 15, 2021

List of Workshops

  1. Affect-VR - Affect-Aware Virtual Reality for Therapeutic Intervention and Training

  2. AISHI - Artificial Intelligence in Smart Healthcare Informatics

  3. ASSIST - AI and Sensor-Supported Integrated care Solutions

  4. COVID-19 - ‚ÄčAI and Digital Technologies in Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond

  5. DAEM - Designing Assistive Environments for Human Manufacturing

  6. HumanInteract - Learning by Observing Humans in Interaction with their Environment

  7. PAME - Innovative technological solutions for PAin and MEntal health issues

  8. PerInt - Pervasive Intelligence in Engineering

  9. QuantifyFatigue - Approaches to Monitor and Predict Cognitive and Physical Fatigue

  10. RoSe - Workshop on Robotics and Sensors for Rehabilitation and Assisted Therapy

  11. SecureCare - Cybersecurity in Healthcare: From device design to Healthcare in Practise