PEARL Workshop: Patient Data Acquisition, Analysis, Profiling and Personalized Care Plan

With an increasingly growing population in Europe, cognitive impairments are a major social and health issue. People with Dementia, Alzheimer or Parkinson’s disease have a lot of problems to manage alone and require for care. As the impairment increases the caregiver (member of family or professional) needs to dedicate much more time, mental and physical effort. Technology along with medical expertise can be used in order to assess the patients’ medical and cognitive status decreasing the need of the continuous caregiver presence and, at the same time, increasing the patient’s independence and the quality of life. To this end, sensors and wearables along with social networking platforms can be used in order to manage patients’ profiles, generate medication recommendations and personalized care plans.

This workshop intends to bring together researchers from various scientific domains relevant to this multidisciplinary field of research. Results from the ICT4Life and the CAREGIVERSPRO-MMD EU funded projects will be presented along with research contributions from the broader research community. Indicative research areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Reasoning Systems and Machine Learning
  • Human-Centered Computing Gesture and Motion Tracking
  • Wearable Computing and Devices
  • Sensor networks for pervasive health care
  • Mobile and wireless technologies
  • Serious Games and Gamification for cognitive assessment, training and communication
  • Behavior monitoring systems and Behavior Change Support Systems (BCSS)
  • Technologies for independent senior living
  • Social impact of pervasive technologies
  • Intelligent assistive environments
  • Accessibility and Personalization

The workshop deadlines are available here.