Workshop Papers

Paper Submission:
       March 29, 2022
March 21, 2022
Submission Length: 3-10 pages (incl. refs)
Notification Date:
April 22, 2022
May 4, 2022
April 29, 2022

List of Workshops

  1. NuComBHDA - The 1° International Workshop on Advanced Numerical Computations for Big Human Data Analysis

  2. PrivAw - GoodBrother Workshop on Privacy aware and acceptable solutions for AAL

  3. DAEM 5 - 5th International Workshop on Designing Assistive Environments for Manufacturing

  4. AGENT - MultimodAl siGnal sensing and AI-algorithms in assistive EnviroNments for improving qualiTy-of-life

  5. ASSIST - 2nd AI and Sensor-Supported Integrated care Solutions (ASSIST) workshop

  6. av-cult - Machine learning solutions for reducing exclusion of persons with hearing loss from cultural content

  7. ENABLE - Enabling Technologies for People with Disabilities

  8. EnPE-SES - Citizens and the Future of Energy: A workshop on Engagement, Participation and Empowerment in Smart Energy Systems

  9. HFE-HMI - Human Factors and Ergonomics for Human-Machine Interaction

  10. JoyWorkingHome - A Workshop on digital stress management solution for remote-working environments

  11. NOTION - The Sixth Workshop on: Human Behaviour Monitoring, Interpretation and Understanding

  12. PerInt - 4th Workshop on Pervasive Intelligence in Engineering

  13. QUESTION - QUality of LifE Support SysTem for People sufferIng from COgNitive impairments or Intellectual Disabilities

  14. SEPIA - Sustainable solutions for the environmental protection of island areas

  15. Augmented worker - Augmented worker: Human-centered AI technologies for augmenting human capabilities in industry

  16. EAT - Ethical issues in AgeTech to support healthy ageing