Workshop Papers

Paper Submission:
       March 10, 2023
Submission Length: 3-10 pages (incl. refs)
Notification Date:
April 22, 2023

Workshop Paper Policy

  1. The organizers should ensure they have a minimum of 4 papers to be considered a standalone workshop. Otherwise, it will be merged with another workshop.
  2. At least one organizer must be present in person.
  3. There must be at least one conference registration from the organizing team.
  4. There must be separate registration for each organizer if multiple organizers decide to attend the conference in person.
  5. Workshop organizers must advertise the conference as soon as possible and as much as possible to get as many papers as possible.
  6. Approved workshops must have at least 2 in-person paper presentations.
  7. Virtual workshop paper presentations must be videotaped and at least one of the authors be present online to respond to questions by the audience.
  8. Workshop organizers can submit papers to their workshops
  9. More information will be provided soon regarding video recording for virtual presentations.

List of Workshops

  1. AIEd - AI in Education

  2. AsHRI - Assistive Human-Robot Interaction

  3. CogTech - A workshop on low-cost, non-invasive technologies for decision-making, cognitive wellness, and mental health

  4. CRYSTAL - ConveRsational sYSTems for Assisted Living

  5. CVIn4 - Computer vision for Industry 4.0 applications

  6. DDHI - Design for Digital Health Interventions

  7. HD-THIS - Human Digital Twins in Hybrid Intelligence Systems

  8. MeaVAB - Measuring Vital and Affective Biosignals

  9. NLP4Disability - A Workshop on Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Disability

  10. NOTION - The Seventh Workshop on: Human Behaviour Monitoring, Interpretation and Understanding

  11. PerInt - 5th Workshop on Pervasive Intelligence in Engineering

  12. TOTAL - A workshop on ioT fOr healTh And weLlbeing and how to level up indoor climate control systems to IoT augmented milieus for health and wellbeing

  13. Virtual Assistants & digital tools - A Workshop on affective technologies’ impact in daily activities of diverse target groups and communities

  14. VLIOW - Vision and Language Interaction in Open Worlds