Workshop Papers

Paper Submission:
       March 30, 2024
Submission Length: 3-10 pages (incl. refs)
Notification Date:
April 25, 2024
May 15, 2024

Workshop Paper Policy

  1. The organizers should ensure they have a minimum of 4 papers to be considered a standalone workshop. Otherwise, it will be merged with another workshop.
  2. At least one organizer must be present in person.
  3. There must be at least one conference registration from the organizing team.
  4. Workshop organizers must advertise the conference as soon as possible and as much as possible to get as many papers as possible.
  5. Workshop organizers can submit papers to their workshops

Virtual Workshop

RHAD - Robots, Humans, AI, & Disabilities Workshop

List of Workshops

  1. ETHER-AI - Equitable and TrustwortHy mEthods for Responsible Human-AI interactions

  2. DisCo - Disability Computing: Issues and Challenges

  3. IAT - Interacting with Assistive Technology (IAT) Workshop

  4. AGENT - MultimodAl SiGnal Sensing/Analysis, Innovative Interactive Environments and PersoNalized Behavioral Modeling for Improving QualiTy-of-Life

  5. NOTION - Human Behaviour Monitoring, Interpretation and Understanding

  6. TransTech - Exploring Innovative Technologies for Revolutionizing Transitional Care

  7. PerInt - 6th Workshop on Pervasive Intelligence in Engineering

  8. SOCIO-NLP - Social Development through NLP-driven Interdisciplinary Collaborations

  9. Cog-HCI - Leveraging Interface Design for Enhanced Mental Health and Cognitive Wellness

  10. CyMed - Cybersecurity for connected medical device